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Visitors are kindly asked to arrive no  more than 30 minutes before the gates close.


Maintenance Care Programme

Any memorial that is in good condition can be added to our Maintenance Care Programme. When joining the Programme, we will supply an estimate for any initial repairs required to return the memorial to good condition. This is called a renovation. Should any such repairs be required, we recommend that the Maintenance Care Programme below should begin 6 months later.

Twice-yearly inspections will check that time and nature have not damaged the memorial.
Twice-yearly cleaning will be carried out to remove the dirt, algae and lichen that can stain and damage an untended stone.
Lifting and levelling caused by subsidence is included on single memorials only.
The stopping up of the joints will be checked and renewed if necessary.
Following each clean, a photo of the memorial can be provided on request.

Normal wear and tear of masonry is not covered. For example, when weathering brings an inscription to the end of its life. But belonging to a Care Programme will not only slow this process down but it will also provide you with regular inspections that will alert you to any work needed before costs escalate (such as replacing letters).

These prices include VAT where applicable. VAT registration has been applied for. Please contact the office if you require a VAT invoice.

£100.00 for a single memorial for 1 year
£475.00 for a single memorial for 5 years
£900.00 for a single memorial for 10 years
£1,710 for a single memorial for 20 years

£150.00 for a double memorial for 1 year
£710.00 for a double memorial for 5 years
£1,350.00 for a double memorial for 10 years
£2,565 for a double memorial for 20 years
£55 for a cremation stone for 1 year
£240 for a cremation stone for 5 years
£460.00 for a cremation stone for 10 years
£875 for a cremation stone for 20 years

Wall Plaques

Many relatives find comfort by dedicating plaques on the Memorial Wall in memory of loved ones.

Relatives are able to commemorate loved ones whether or not they are buried in either of the cemeteries; for example, those murdered in the Shoah, relatives buried overseas, or in cemeteries outside of London.

A plaque placed on the Memorial Wall at either cemetery in perpetuity can be a fitting tribute to a loved one. Plaques are priced at £400.00

Benches, Rose Trees, Pebble Bins and Granite Planters

There are opportunities to donate benches, rose trees, pebble bins and granite planters in memory of loved ones. This is a beautiful and dignified way to remember family and friends and the forms below provide all the information.

We have about 600 rose trees at the cemetery. We offer either a standard or premium rate over 10 years depending on the location of the rose tree. Our gardeners prune, spray and maintain the roses all year-round.

Rose Tree plaque Rose Tree dedication
Quality PlanterPebble Bin donationMemorial Wall plaque
 Bench (wooden) donationBench (recycled) donation

Details are attached and if you would like more information, please speak to either Sara Black or Jocelyn Axelrod, Cemetery Administrators, on 020 8958 0090 or email

More Information

For further details please contact the Cemetery Director Lester Harris on 020 8958 0090 or click HERE.readMoreArrowWHITE